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Patrick Mahomes Week 5 film review: something smart and something special This is part two of a three-part weekly film analysis on the performance of Patrick Mahomes. Part one here.Just because Patrick Mahomes threw his first and second interceptions of the season doesn’t mean he still didn’t check some boxes last week. We shouldn’t forget that performance was in the rain. The elements were working against the passing game White Harrison Butker Jersey , and it didn’t seem to bother him all that much. He was still able to drive the ball well, throw it 70 yards in the air and even showed excellent touch and timing (more on that in a minute). I was there for a rain practice during training camp and the elements weren’t drastically impacting his game.Something smartGood decision-making early in the play can lead to little plays becoming more lucrative than they normally are.Mahomes has his team lined up in empty, something he will always be comfortable. The Chiefs are in a five-man protection, taking the four down lineman and whoever Mahomes declares as the mike. He chooses to set the protection to Myles Jack, the linebacker to the field. If Telvin Smith blitzes, He might have set it to Jack because if Smith does rush than that leaves two defenders for two receivers and space to work. Mahomes is technically hot and will have to throw the ball quickly to beat the unaccounted for defender.Jack does not rush, but Smith does. The offensive line actually was able to work to Smith had Mahomes not got rid of the ball so quick, but nonetheless, he executes his assignment and gets the ball to Travis Kelce. In some cases, receivers adjust their route if they’re the hot receiver to look for the ball quickly and be an early outlet to beat the blitz. In others, a hot route isn’t an adjustment to the route because the structure of the play is already calling for a quick route, and the receiver just has to break early. It looks like Kelce does make a route adjustment because of the blitz.Mahomes delivers a ball on time to Kelce, and because of the space he had, sticks a foot in the ground, makes safety Barry Church miss and runs for a 40-yard completion. Mahomes executed well and made quick, smart decisions that helped result in an explosive play on a hot slant.Something specialThis throw plays like a trick shot. But there’s a lot of substance to it.The Chiefs send Tyreek Hill on a jet motion White Reggie Ragland Jersey , and the Jaguars counter by bringing cornerback Tyler Patmon on a CAT blitz. Mahomes peaks and sees backside pressure, so almost immediately on the snap fades away into the boundary. He’s forced to step up against front-side pressure and then lofts a ball over the top of the trailing Jack and into Travis Kelce’s hands.The throw is spectacular. He pulls up on the delivery and avoids contact. His base isn’t set up to deliver that throw, but he still delivers a ball with great touch and anticipation. I heard someone compare Mahomes to Steph Curry. If that’s the case, this was his floater in the paint.The feel for pressure and delivery was great, but understanding the structure of the play and knowing he had the void to deliver the ball in was impressive too. He identifies the Jaguars playing Cover 3 Match, and knows the corner is clear, trailing Sammy Watkins on the vertical. He’s not even looking at Kelce until late, but is processing the coverage and concept. He knows where the void is and the space he has to deliver the ball into it. This play is a cocktail of the traits we love talking about.BONUS SPECIALIt’s simple, but I love this play.Mahomes wants to hit Kelce on the delay slant. On the play, Kelce makes a slow release of the ball, gives a nod outside, sticks his foot in the ground and hits Smith on the slant (Let’s all laugh at Telvin). On Mahomes’ hitch, Kelce still hasn’t broke in yet so he has to hang onto the ball for an extra beat. That little bit of time brings pressure into his face, so Mahomes as to make a more athletic throw from a slightly less stable base. He delivers an absolute strike with one of his quicker releases of the day. He adjusts his plan, held the ball long enough and made up for the lost time with a quick strike to allow Kelce to run after the catch. Eric Berry made his long-awaited return to the field, Chris Jones piled up some more sacks to match an NFL record Youth Chris Conley Jersey , and the Kansas City Chiefs' maligned defense finally looked like a dominant force for a while.Or at least, one that wouldn't hold back their high-powered offense.But all that was wiped away in just more than three minutes Thursday night, when Philip Rivers engineered a dramatic fourth-quarterback comeback for the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chiefs did their part with blown assignments and penalties, and rather than clinch the AFC West title and a first-round playoff bye, they left Arrowhead Stadium with a 29-28 loss and the very real possibility of hitting the road for the postseason.Their defense had once again let them down."We've got to finish. Ain't no differences. We beat ourselves. That's how I feel," Chiefs linebacker Reggie Ragland said. "Only thing that can stop us is us, and we beat ourselves."Not at the start, when Berry returned from a heel injury that had kept him out since the opening weeks of training camp. Steven Nelson intercepted Rivers' pass on the second play of the game, Kendall Fuller picked off another throw in the end zone late in the first half and Berry was back in the middle of just about everything as he energized a raucous crowd that braved freezing temperatures.Jones finished with 2 1/2 sacks, tying an NFL mark with at least one in 10 straight games.But the plan all along was for Berry to only play a certain amount of snaps, and the Chiefs stuck to it by sitting him most of the second half. And while it might have been purely coincidence, that was when Los Angeles finally hit its stride on offense.After trailing the entire way, and still facing a 28-14 hole with 3:49 to go, Rivers led his team on a drive that fill-in running back Justin Jackson capped with a touchdown. And when the Chargers' own defense took the field, they did their job by quickly getting the ball back.Rivers started the deciding drive with a 31-yard strike to Travis Benjamin, then hit him again moments later to convert on fourth down. The Chiefs still had a chance to hold the Chargers White Terrance Smith Jersey , but Fuller was called for pass interference to give Los Angeles the ball just outside the end zone.Mike Williams hauled in a touchdown pass with 4 seconds to go. And when it was confirmed by video review, Chargers coach Anthony Lynn sent his team out for a 2-point conversion and the win.The Chiefs' defense had one more chance to make a stop, but nobody was within 10 yards of Williams as he made the catch and raced up the field to celebrate."It's definitely tough. Any time you get so close and come up short, it's tough, especially when you know how hard the guys you've been putting in the work with," Chiefs linebacker Dorian O'Daniel said. "It's frustrating obviously, but it's part of the game."Even more frustrating given what was at stake.The Chiefs (11-3) could have clinched their third consecutive AFC West crown, something the club has never accomplished, along with a first-round playoff bye. And they could have earned home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs if Pittsburgh were to knock off New England on Sunday.Instead, their games at Seattle and home against Oakland have taken on real importance."If you narrow it down, it was both sides of the ball," Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. "We were in great position to get off the field. We didn't. We extended a lot of those drives with penalties, right or wrong. They're done. So we've got to do better. We're not making any excuses."

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