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The neighbour whose garden backs mine has a large spaniel who manages to get into my garden and does what dogs do best in these situations.For some time I was puzzled as to how the dog was getting in as I have a 5ft high fence across the bottom of my garden and part way down the sides. I was doing a bit of gardening one day when super dog came over the fence which I looked over and noticed a heap of building materials piled up against the fence which the dog is using as an assault course to cimb up and then leap off the fence. I have not yet figured out how it gets back though !Anyway, I have approached the neighbour with the problem and they agreed to keep the dog in check, but unfortunately it only lasted about three days and it's now a daily problem.I have also spoken to my Local Authority and in response the Dog Warden contacted me saying "this is not a Council problem but a fencing / neighbour problem. If I visit, I will only catch the dog and return it to it's owners." I noticed the RSPCA have an advice line so I contacted them to try and find out who to address the problem to - "we will only come out if the dog is injured" came the reply.I realise it is the dog owner's responsibility to keep the animal under control and I do not feel that I should have to carry out any more work to my fence, ie by adding to the top of it to keep the dog out, but where do I go from here and who rightly polices these situations ?

Please help.

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