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 Заголовок сообщения: How easy it is to forget what life in the NFL used to be.
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Salaries aren’t what they used to be. Doug Plank Pittsburgh Steelers Hats , safety for a not so great Bears team was once tongue lashed by his head coach for missing a tackle on an aging OJ Simpson, playing his final season with the 49ers- “Plank, we pay you $65,000 to make that tackle.” Plank replied, “Coach, the 49ers pay OJ $450,000 to break that tackle.” Most players back then not only had to think about what they would do to feed their families when their careers came to an end, but also had jobs during the off-season.I’m not sure if the idea was cooked up to make some easy cash, as a low-budget off-season training program, or just a way to kill time, but in those days a band of Steelers would hit the road not to barnstorm football, but basketball. And one year they came to my little town, Ligonier, PA Pittsburgh Steelers Hoodie , population, 1500 souls. Their competition that night consisted of a group of teachers from the local high school.In the crowd was me, roughly ten years old. The quality of the basketball was, well let’s just say neither team could have challenged the Pittsburgh Pythons. But I wasn’t there to watch basketball. I was there to get closer to my heroes, to collect a few autographs, to make a few memories. I don’t know if I got any autographs. If I did they got lost along the way. The memories I have, however, were not what you might expect. I don’t recall seeing LC Greenwood dunk. I don’t even remember if he was there. I didn’t see Donnie Shell bring down some teacher fool enough to take it into the paint. What I remember was one lonely sad looking little fellow at the end of the bench, Roy Gerela. For those of you too young to remember Roy was Pittsburgh’s place kicker in the early years of the 1970s dynasty. It was his missed field goal in Super Bowl X which led to the punk Cliff Harris’s patting him on the head, which led to Jack Lambert shoving said punk to the ground which led to the Steelers winning the game.Ten year old kids are not terribly socially astute, but I couldn’t miss the fact he was all alone, and seemed really sad. Which taught me an important lesson I have carried with me since that day. Being a member of the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers doesn’t make you superhuman. You are still vulnerable to rejection, to insecurity. Which I hope will inform me as I continue to write about the Steelers. I am drawn toward snarky humor. Sometimes I jump in up to my elbows. But I am doing a better service when I remember that these men have hearts, have families Cheap Customized Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys , have goals, have fears. And yes, some of them even read BTSC. I’m hoping that as we spent the first quarter of the season airing our complaints, we will not only have more to celebrate in the coming weeks, but that even if we end up disappointed or let down, we will express ourselves with some level of understanding and compassion.Steelers told Le’Veon Bell they plan on using the transition tag on him in 2019 When Jeremy Fowler of ESPN posted a Tweet on Monday evening suggesting that Le’Veon Bell intended reporting to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 7, his initial assertion that the information had come from an unnamed company source made the claim feel somewhat speculative. In reality, the ESPN source was himself after he had spoken to Bell in Florida by telephone earlier in the day.While it would be fair to say the Steelers’ star running back hasn’t always been a man of his word, this latest report from Fowler at least provides some credible new insights about the running back’s plans for 2018 and beyond.Glossing over the parts of the interview where Bell humorously suggests that “he is in prime physical condition and could play football “tomorrow” if he needed”, one of the more notable parts of this conversation involved his remarks about what Pittsburgh told him about their plans for him in 2019. As he revealed to Fowler.Изображение
While Fowler asserts this figure should be more than $17 million, it could actually be closer to $11.2 million if Bell reported by Week 7 — the cost of the transition tag being based on 120% of the running back’s salary this year. Missing six weeks of the season would actually hurt Bell when the transition tag is calculated, as per the rules of the CBA, and barring arbitration to reassert the maximum value Fowler states, the cost could be much lower than some expect.Regardless of Pittsburgh’s intentions http://www.authenticspittsburghsteelers.com/cheap-jesse-james-jersey , Bell is still convinced there’s a team out there who will be prepared to pay him what he’s looking for, citing teams like the New York Jets, San Francisco 49ers, Indianapolis Colts, ClevelandBrowns and Philadelphia Eagles as clubs who might be interested in him.Despite a number of media outlets stating that the Steelers had only offered him $10 million in guarantees in their last contract offer, Bell acknowledged to Fowler that it was actually $17 million, but far short of the number he was looking for. Considering the guarantees given to Todd Gurley and David Johnson, the former Michigan State product is not willing to budge from his position. Those assuming Bell has no intention of returning to Pittsburgh in 2019 might be surprised to hear he still believes that will happen.Given the way this saga has played out, I wonder how many fans are hoping for the same outcome. If he could play inside linebacker equally well, I would certainly be all in. Custom San Francisco 49ers Jerseys

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