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 Заголовок сообщения: Problems now with my dog Eddie-diarrhea
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Some of you remember that all the problems with my new rescue Molly- the chronic diarrhea for 2 months straight until I finally listen to the people here on the forum and gave up with my vet and sought out a specialist which did an endoscopy and found out that Molly had IBD with a protein losing enteropathy and doing great on prednisone 5 mg and Purina EN. Now for the last 2 weeks Eddie has been having on and off very soft stools. Now he has been regular for 5 years never a problem. So I withheld his food from Sat to Sunday and started chicken and rice for the next day. He did have a formed small stool sunday evening when he was being withheld food. I fed chicken/rice on Monday and he did not go to the bathroom. I started mixing some of his regular dog food in the afternoon Tuesday along still with the chicken and rice and tonight his stool is now runny again and bright yellow. I do not know what is going on with him. 3 weeks ago he was treated for tracheitis and put on temeril and he was on it for 5 days and that is when I started noticing the diarrhea and blew it off as it must be the antibiotic. It stopped for a while after I stop the medicine and returned off and on for the next 2 weeks until now when I stopped the food and started the chicken and rice. He was tested for heartworms as that is why I took him in for a cough and was negative. I just cannot figure out what is wrong as he has been great for 5 years with never ever a problem. I do not have much faith in my vet when it comes to this problem since how he handled Molly over 2 months of diarrhea trying medicine after medicine. I really do not know of any vets in my area right now that I can get him in soon. Any suggestions.

please help

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